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Custom Backlit Signs

Custom Backlit Signs in Croydon, PA

When it comes to business signage, making a memorable impression is vital, and custom backlit signs are the beacon that ensures your brand shines brightly. At Night Owl Graphics, we understand the power of illumination in capturing attention and creating an unforgettable presence.


Backlit signs are not just about visibility; they are about making a statement. Whether it’s a storefront, office lobby, or outdoor display, these signs enhance your brand image by combining the art of design with the science of illumination. The gentle glow emanating from behind the signage not only draws the eye but also creates a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Our Service Area for Custom Backlit Signs

At Night Owl Graphics, we take pride in extending our services to a diverse range of locations. From vibrant city centers to charming suburbs, we are committed to illuminating businesses in our service areas, ensuring they stand out day and night:

  • Yardley, PA
  • Warminster, PA
  • Center City Philadelphia, PA
  • Bordentown, NJ
  • Cinnaminson, NJ
  • And Beyond!

Our Custom Backlit Sign Design Services

The journey from an idea to a brilliantly illuminated sign is made possible through our custom backlit sign design services. At Night Owl Graphics, we understand your business is unique, and your signage should reflect that. Our expert design team works closely with you to translate your vision into a visually stunning and illuminated reality.

From choosing the right fonts and colors to creating captivating graphics, our design services cover every aspect of custom backlit signs. We consider the overall aesthetics of your brand, ensuring that the final product not only aligns with your vision but also enhances your brand identity.

Special Considerations of Illuminated Sign Facing

Illuminated sign facing requires careful consideration, especially when it comes to different environments and applications. At Night Owl Graphics, we pay attention to specific factors to ensure the optimal performance and compliance of your illuminated sign facing.

  • Indoor Illuminated Signage: Custom backlit signs designed for indoor spaces are crafted to enhance the ambiance while delivering a clear and captivating message. These signs contribute to a welcoming atmosphere, making your space both memorable and inviting.
  • Outdoor Illuminated Signage: Outdoor backlit signs need to withstand the elements while maintaining visual appeal. Night Owl Graphics utilizes durable materials and weather-resistant techniques to ensure longevity and continued visibility, regardless of the outdoor conditions.
  • Local Regulations: Compliance with local regulations is paramount. Our team is well-versed in the signage guidelines of different areas, ensuring that your custom backlit signs not only look great but also meet all necessary requirements.

Free Estimates on Custom Backlit Signs

Curious about the potential of custom backlit signs for your business? At Night Owl Graphics, we offer free estimates to help you understand the possibilities within your budget. Let our team provide you with insights and recommendations tailored to your unique signage needs.

Our Experienced Signage and Graphics Team

For top-notch backlit signs for your business in Croydon, PA, you need a skilled team with the expertise to transform your vision into reality. At Night Owl Graphics, we specialize in crafting customized backlit signs and provide a comprehensive range of additional services. Count on us to deliver exceptional quality and make your brand stand out.

Some Of Our Services Include

Contact Us for Custom Backlit Signs in PA and NJ

Ready to illuminate your brand? Contact Night Owl Graphics for custom backlit signs that go beyond visibility – they make a lasting impression. Whether you’re in Yardley, PA; Warminster, PA; Center City Philadelphia, PA; Bordentown, NJ; Cinnaminson, NJ; or any surrounding area, our team is eager to collaborate with you. Let your business shine bright, day and night!

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