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Business Signs In Croydon, PA

Signs are often the first thing people see, think about, and remember about your business or organization. Because of this, it is critical that you have attention-grabbing signs for your Croydon, PA, business that represent who you are and what you do. Night Owl Graphics can help you convey your company’s vision with the help of our sign printing specialists.

Night Owl Graphics has been in the graphic design industry for over 20 years and takes pride in being a company you can trust for business signs in Croydon, PA, and the surrounding areas. From traditional indoor and outdoor signs to the incorporation of 3-dimensional letters, we always keep up with the latest industry trends because of how much we love our jobs and our passion for finding solutions for our clientele.

Our design experts are proud to service the following areas:
  • Yardley, PA
  • Warminster, PA
  • Center City Philadelphia, PA
  • Bordentown, NJ
  • Cinnaminson, NJ
  • And beyond!

Types of Custom Business Signs We Offer

Our diverse range of indoor and outdoor signage solutions caters to the unique needs of every enterprise. From sophisticated office suite signs that add a touch of elegance to your workplace to eye-catching real estate signs that demand attention, we have the expertise to elevate your brand visibility. Night Owl Graphics is your trusted partner in turning your vision into a striking and impactful reality. Here are some of the types of custom business signage that we offer:
  • Office Suite Signs
  • Real Estate Signs
  • Property Signs
  • Monument Signs
  • And more!

Office Suite Signs

When prospective clients come in to visit you, they will want to be able to locate your suite right away and not have to worry about wandering through the maze-like corridors of your office building. These instances are where our office suite signs come into play, as they can clearly mark where your office is located, along with any directions needed to get there, all while bolstering your branding. Our business signs for Croydon, PA companies can also fulfill ADA requirements and provide critical safety information.

Real Estate Signs

If you’re looking to sell your property, you want to make sure it goes quickly — and, preferably, goes at a competitive rate. To get prospective buyers to contact you and begin the negotiation process, you need attention-grabbing real estate signs that make people intrigued about your property. Instead of just posting a notice on copy paper that you are looking for new tenants for your office space, a custom-printed sign will show that you are serious about making the right deal and — if you’re lucky — start a competitive bidding war.

Property Signs

Depending on the type of work you are in, you might want to ensure that only authorized personnel have access to your property. Custom-printed property signs do a great job of making sure that the wrong people do not trespass for safety’s sake. Night Owl Graphics can create these signs with the proper messaging and easy installation in mind, as we do for all business signs we make for companies in Croydon, PA. Let us know your requirements, and we can create the signage necessary to keep your property safe and secure.

Monument Signs

If you’re located off a busy highway or have a large property you don’t want passersby to miss, monument signs will be the most effective option to make an impact. These are typically larger-scale signs that incorporate different textures and 3-dimensional letters to create an elegant look that helps your business stand out. Not only does this effectively capture attention, but it adds significant value to your brand while offering durability through any conditions that might compromise the integrity of other signage options.

Benefits of Custom Business Signage

Our custom signage solutions are crafted to not only captivate but also withstand the test of time and weather conditions. From creating a lasting impression on your customers to offering cost-effective options for outdoor use, Night Owl Graphics takes pride in delivering tailored solutions that prevent fading and elevate your brand presence. Explore the advantages of our custom signage, designed to leave an indelible mark and ensure your store stands out in any setting:
  • Lasting Impressions: Custom signage makes a memorable impact on customers, leaving a lasting impression that sets your business apart.
  • Weather Resistance: Our custom signage is built for outdoor use to withstand diverse conditions, ensuring longevity and consistent visibility. Our weather-resistant signs are ideal for storefronts, building exteriors, and other outdoor settings.
  • Fade Resistance: With specialized materials and printing techniques, our signage prevents fading, maintaining vibrancy over time.
  • Cost-Effective: Custom business signage offers a cost-effective marketing solution, providing continuous visibility without recurring expenses.
  • Attract Customers: Engage and attract customers with signage that effectively communicates your brand message and draws them into your store.
  • Visual Appeal: Enhance the visual appeal of your store with custom signage that complements your brand identity and guides customers seamlessly.


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Are you ready to bring your company’s vision to life with a custom sign? Our team is ready to bring you eye-popping business signs in areas such as Croydon, Yardley, Warminster, and Center City Philadelphia, PA, as well as Bordentown and Cinnaminson, NJ. Whether you need temporary corrugated plastic signage, portable sandwich boards, or permanent outdoor signs, Night Owl Graphics is your go-to source. In addition to our signs & graphics, we can also create banners, wall murals, window graphics, and so much more!

If you want to see our work on display, be sure to check out our gallery and explore what we have done for other local businesses. Once you’re ready to get started, give us a call to speak to one of our specialists and receive your free estimate!

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