Three custom banners hung on a baseball field fence.

up your marketing projects than it is to create the perfect banner, but that doesn’t make it impossible. Many of the best banners and ads we know and love include similar characteristics that help them stand out from their counterparts. If you’re a business owner and besting the competition sounds good to you, then find out how you can create a banner that draws high-quality leads and interest for years to come.

Clear and Direct Font

If your viewers can’t read what you’re saying, then what’s the point of saying it? We know that cool font designs exist, but the primary purpose of your font is for viewers to know who you are and what you do. Make sure that no matter the design, your font makes any message clear and concise. Start with something bold and eye-catching, and when in doubt, consult a few individuals before signing off on your design. But remember, never change up your company logo or design for the sake of clarity on a banner. Make sure your brand is always associated with whatever font you use. 

Copy That’s Easy to Digest

It’s not enough to have a clear font. You must also have information that doesn’t overwhelm a reader. Most people only give a second or two to look at your business banner. There’s no way anyone will take the time to zoom in on a bunch of text. Worst of all, a long message can make individuals disregard everything in your banner completely, no matter how intriguing or useful it might actually be to them. Make sure that the copy — whether it’s simple, funny, or serious — is quick and easy to read and includes important things like phone numbers or other contact information.

Don’t Neglect the Power of a Great Background Image

A good background image can serve various purposes. If you’re in the food industry, you can always go with a picture of your most popular dish to draw attention to the banner. If your company name is based on something unique, you can add an image that looks different and contrasts the name of the company. No matter what you choose, never underestimate the power of these images. They set the foundation for the rest of your banner design, so make sure it’s unique and creative and blends in with the rest of the banner.

Keep the Banner in Line With Your Brand

Make sure that the banner focuses on what your business does. Don’t stray too far into other industries, or you’ll have a bunch of leads from customers who don’t want what you serve. Customers must immediately see the banner and relate it to your brand logo, image, colors, or message. So keep everything streamlined, and your new customers will thank you. Are you working on a new logo? Be clear in communicating change in a way that’s intriguing, open, and honest. No matter what you do, try your best to avoid traversing into other industries.

Make Sure the Colors Match Your Message

Believe it or not, colors communicate strong messaging. It’s why street signs and restaurant safety signs come in different colors, depending on the importance of the message. Make sure potential customers can experience the psychological benefits of your business signs and banners. We are all visual creatures, and tailoring your banners to the most common visual cues maximizes the small time frame you have to capture attention.

What colors can your signs be? Here are some of the more common sign colors and what they represent to people viewing your sign:

  • Gray – Neutrality, calmness, and balances out your banner
  • Red – Excitement, love, passion, youth, and strong energy
  • Orange – Cheerful, fun, confident, success, or bravery
  • Green – Nature, healing, peace, tranquility, and health
  • Blue – Peace, trust, effectiveness, and loyalty
  • Brown – Rugged, dependable, trustworthy
  • Black – Sophistication, security, and leadership

Make Sure Your Banners Are Created by Professionals

If you’re a professional company, you know the value of services from the experts. If you want banners done right, there aren’t many better options than the team at Night Owl Graphics. You want to get the most bang for your buck out of a banner, and the ones created by our team can bring clients for years to come. With materials that won’t fade, colors that exude the message you want to display, and tools and equipment to install your banner anywhere, give our team a call today. Start the process by getting a free quote for your custom banners in Philadelphia.