Part of a successful and comfortable office environment is making it feel like yours. A huge part of that starts with quality accessories and appliances that make life easier for employees. But an often overlooked aspect is signage and how it can make a big impression on employees, clients, and other individuals that interact with your business or in the office. 

Night Owl Graphics’ specialists have spent years providing quality signage for businesses, so we know a thing or two about the right kind of signage for your office. Explore the various styles to effectively display your business all around the office.

The Benefits of Interior Signs

Believe it or not, signs don’t just have to be for your company’s exterior. Signs can display important information for potential and current customers, like directional information, and help create a comfortable office environment. These unique touches can add an aesthetic appeal that makes the job more inviting to employees. You can even add a seasonal or creative charm that further differentiates you from the competition. 

Indoor signs can also help your office comply with regulations and industry standards, such as ADA compliance and more. If you’ve yet to consider an indoor sign, contact Night Owl Graphics to learn more about how signs have benefitted plenty of other businesses!

Interior Signs That Refine Your Office Space

If you’ve chosen to explore interior signs, you might be wondering how many options are out there to choose from. Just like outdoor signs, indoor options are vast and come in a wide variety of sizes, shapes, and designs. Explore the options below and begin envisioning the office signs that best suit your business’ location. 

Lobby Signs

Lobbies are the most used area of your office and the location best designed to display information about the company. Having a solid lobby sign provides a cost-effective way to expose the brand to potential customers and clients.

Window Graphics

Window graphics are a great way to display what your business does and promote your brand to anyone walking past the office. Window graphics make for great storefront signs and provide plenty of positives for your office. If you have an office in a large building, a window graphic is a great way to identify your services among the host of other companies in the area.

Directional Signs

All office buildings should have wayfinding signs that explain the location of where your employees should go. Directional signs can indicate certain departments or office lounge areas, and you can even include a directional map for much larger businesses. Consider coordinating the signs with colors or designs to further distinguish locations from each other.

Wall and Ceiling Murals

Wall murals are extremely customizable and are often used in high-quality and professional environments. We all have spent time in dry and empty-looking dentists or doctor’s offices that do nothing but make you fearful for your procedure. A beautiful mural adds spice and taste to your office, leaving a comforting and lasting impression on everyone in the area. 

You can also add decorative murals to your ceilings that will surely incite a few big smiles. Instead of having people sit in your office and stare at a blank, white ceiling, add some color and life to it!

ADA Signs

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) provides regulations that ensure offices offer the right accessories and accommodations for individuals with disabilities. These ADA signs can ensure that restrooms, floors, emergency exits, and accessible parking areas all have appropriate signage. Reduce your liability and improve the safety of your office with ADA interior signs. 

Expand Your Business With Premium Signage From Night Owl Graphics

Being a quality business will only take you so far if you don’t know how to advertise it. Why not maximize your office environment with high-quality signs from Night Owl Graphics? We provide high-quality business signs in Croydon, PA, and the surrounding areas of PA and New Jersey. Contact our design experts to start cultivating the appropriate indoor or outdoor signage for your company today!

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