A carved sign in landscaping along a road.

Brand recognition tactics have never been more important, as customers look towards brands they can relate to and connect with. Monument signs are a great way to establish an aesthetically pleasing presence in your area and show customers how you can help them. There are plenty more ways these beautiful signs can help you, so read on to learn about the advantages of using monument signs for your business.

Amplify the Message of Your Business

If you have a strong mission statement or brand message, monument signage is the perfect way to emphasize your business goals and desires right in front of your property. You can design the signs with whatever materials you want, and the sign design and information you choose on them all work to amplify whatever message you decide to promote. Customize your sign in ways that differ from other relevant business signs or stand out compared to the expectations of your industry.

Draw Customers Near and Far to Your Location

Freestanding signs are great ways to draw potential customers, as a sign that stands out at eye level connects with motorists and pedestrians driving or walking by your location. Attractive signs draw eyes, which creates curiosity about what’s on the sign while increasing visibility and attracting customers near and far. Without a sign, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better way to advertise to customers that combines simplicity and effectiveness.

Create Long-Lasting Impressions on Your Business

As we said, customers love to create a connection with a brand, and a first impression has never been more important. Many businesses are out there, and the best way to stand out is by making the most of your opportunities.

Monument signs are weather-resistant, which helps keep them at peak beauty for many years to come. This elegance stands out to your potential and current customers as it helps associate your brand with the vibe they get from the type of sign you choose. No matter where they’re placed, monument signs can also create a lasting impression on visitors, giving them a feeling of comfort and togetherness upon visiting your building.

Advertise Various Aspects of Your Business

While your branding is certainly an important aspect of your exterior signage, the advantages of using monument signs extend far beyond just brand awareness. For instance, if you are looking to hire new staff, a monument sign can display your “now hiring” message and catch the eye of anyone who may be looking for work. Additionally, if you’re running a sale or want to let people know about new hours of operation, this type of signage is a practical and effective option to do so.

Efficient and Low-Cost Advertising Option

One of the best benefits of a monument sign is the cost-effectiveness and efficiency you get upon installation. Marketing has grown exponentially, and finding efficient ways to bring in customers has never been more valuable. These signs are a simple and low-maintenance way that starts to churn the wheel as soon as you install them. You can focus on other aspects of your business and avoid the ineffectiveness of newspaper ads or other short-term marketing solutions.

Get Your Monument Signs From Night Owl Graphics

Are you looking for new customers? Monument signs are a great way to draw new eyes, and Night Owl Graphics creates attention-grabbing signs for all business types, needs, and desires. Based out of Croydon, PA, we’ve spent 20 years around the area perfecting our craft, keeping up with industry trends, and providing custom banner graphics and car wraps. We’re prepared to adapt to whatever design ideas you may have and are one phone call away. Reach out today, and let’s create a sign that gives your business the look it deserves!

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