No matter the industry or business, reception rooms can feel claustrophobic as people wait for their names to get called. If it’s a medical or dentist’s office, people feel on edge because of fear of bad news or a diagnosis. For something like an office building, waiting for the people you’re meeting with can make you feel a sense of dread in the interim and throw you off. 

For business owners and office managers, finding ways to put your customers at ease while waiting can only improve their experience and lead to a more satisfactory interaction. Custom wall murals can help breathe new life into your space and help your visitors feel more at home while they wait. 

What a Wall Mural Brings to a Space

After going up to the reception desk and being told to wait while your doctor, dentist, or person you’re meeting with is ready, sitting in the reception area and having four blank walls to look at can prove draining. For office managers wanting to create a warm and welcoming space for their visitors, adding wall murals to your area can help foster that welcoming environment. 

The key to a truly effective office mural revolves around ensuring it both represents your brand and gives your visitors a comforting feeling while they wait. Designing a mural that meets these expectations can prove challenging unless you’ve brought in professionals like the Night Owl Graphics team to handle the job. 

Understanding Your Audience Is Crucial

Knowing and understanding your audience remains a critical component of ensuring that the murals you put into your office serve their intended purpose. If you’re a dentist’s office specializing in pediatric dentistry, you want high-quality murals that appeal to kids and families. Full-color murals with kid-friendly imagery helps them feel more relaxed before they go in for their check-up. 

If you’re running a business office building with prospective employees coming through the reception area before their interview, the wall spaces offer you unique branding opportunities. Your office’s reception area walls give you real estate that you may not be used effectively to convey aspects of your company, which makes it more enticing for people to want to apply. 

Use Available Space to Emphasize Your Brand

Agencies, businesses, and even car dealerships can better use their available wall space to emphasize what makes them special. Specially designed wall murals can help determine what sets you apart from your competition in creative ways. Using some creativity and expert use of colors, you can call attention to your brand’s values, emphasize your branding’s colors, and give your space a unique feel that helps put people at ease. 

Choose Colors Wisely

If you aren’t using these wall murals to emphasize your brand’s specific colors, then choosing which colors to use becomes an important decision you have to make. Certain colors can have a calming effect on people, while certain combinations can have the opposite effect and make people feel more on edge as they wait. 

For healthcare facilities, keeping walls and murals in lighter shades of blue can help people feel more calm and tranquil while waiting for their appointment. Additionally, pediatricians and pediatric dentists can add even more color to the space to help stimulate their younger patients and help them feel more comfortable in the traditionally intimidating waiting area.

For other businesses, going with neutral tones can help add the kind of color accents that make your space more inviting than you thought possible. Neutral colors don’t have to mean bland and can add the right amount of balance to a room to make your visitors feel right at home. 

Trust Night Owl Graphics With Your New Wall Mural!

If your office could use a facelift and become more welcoming, Night Owl Graphics is here to help! Our expert team can help bring your creative vision for your space’s wall to life with ease and give you custom wall murals to make your visitors feel comfortable. Learn more about our wall mural services today!

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