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Professional graphics installers who pass rigorous written and hands-on graphics tests administered by 3M earn the title 3M Preferred Graphics Installer. A 3M Preferred Graphics Installer boasts unmatched graphics skills and expertise, making them the best-in-class graphics professionals the market has to offer. The 3M Certified Graphics Installation Company program was founded in 1999 and is currently managed by the United Applications Standards Group (UASG).

If you’re wondering what it means to become a 3M Preferred Graphics Installer, know that it means that you are getting the highest quality of work on any graphics and designs for your company. Here’s a breakdown of the process and what the 3M Preferred Graphics Installers title means.

How to Become a 3M Preferred Graphics Installer

Becoming a 3M Preferred Installer is no easy feat. Before you get the certification, you must pass rigorous graphics tests covering vehicle, wall, and window graphics, among other areas. These tests are designed to evaluate installer skills and determine whether they are knowledgeable about the best practices of graphics installation.

Since these tests are usually rigorous and thorough, installers who get certification are traditionally the best in the industry. After passing the tests and getting certified, the installers commit to the best industry standards by following 3M rules and procedures in all future projects.

Benefits of Becoming 3M Preferred Graphics Installer

The following are some of the advantages of getting a 3M certification:

  • Increased customer confidence: Being a certified installer is a vote of confidence from 3M and UASG. These entities are devoted to the best application procedures in the graphics industry. When a client sees your 3M preferred installer logo, they know they are getting the best services in the market. This ultimately translates to more trust and loyalty from your clients.
  • Competitive edge: In the current saturated market of graphic installation, the consumers are often faced with myriads of confusing options to choose from. The 3M Preferred Graphics Installer certifications separate the professionals from the average installers, which helps you gain a massive advantage over your competitors.
  • Better quality installs: Becoming a 3M Preferred Graphics Installer increases the chances of a better quality installation. During the certification process, you are exposed to myriads of skills to address common errors that could impact quality. In a nutshell, being a 3M Certified Installer means you have superior installation knowledge and skills that can help you win more business.
  • Quality consistency: One of the requirements for you to maintain your 3M certification is a commitment to the best quality product and the best practice for your customers. This ensures you feel confident about the product you deliver and that you consistently deliver top-notch services for each client.
  • Liability insurance: One of the accreditation requirements to become a 3M Certified Installer is that you carry liability insurance, which must be verified by 3M once a year. General liability insurance will protect you and your business and boost client confidence in your installation skills.

What Entails 3M Preferred Training and Testing?

As mentioned earlier, all 3M Preferred classes combine both skilled-based and written testing. After passing this test, you are certified as a 3M Preferred Installer in the specific area you tested, such as a 3M Fleet Preferred Installer. You will also be added to a 3M Certified Installers database so customers can access skilled professionals like you to complete their projects with confidence.

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Night Owl Graphics Offers Unmatched Graphics Installation Solutions

As a trailblazer in exterior and interior signage and custom vehicle wraps in Croydon, we take pride in creating designs, engaging signs, and graphics that bring the community to life. If you have questions about our 3M Preferred Installer designation and how it can benefit you, contact us today.

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