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A vinyl car wrap is an effective way to protect your vehicle from scratches, chips, and fading and can ultimately result in an increased value of your car should you ever decide to sell it. Car wrapping is also the first choice for vehicle advertising as it costs much less than the standard or custom paint job. A typical question that most car owners ask, however, is how long vinyl car wraps last. So, how much can you get out of your custom vehicle wraps?

How Long Will My Vinyl Car Wrap Last?

Most vinyl car wraps have a performance life of between five and seven years if properly maintained. Performance life refers to the duration of time the wrap looks good while adhering to your vehicle. In most cases, the vinyl wrap will start cracking, fading, or peeling off the vehicle body after seven years.

Factors That Determine the Lifespan of a Vinyl Car Wrap

Although vinyl car wraps have an average lifespan, several factors could determine the actual lifespan of your vinyl car wrap. In essence, your vinyl wrap might last some extra years or peel off sooner than expected due to the following factors:

Type of Wrap

Ideally, high-performance, premium-tier vinyl wraps with guaranteed quality often last longer compared to cheaper and low-quality options. If you are considering a vinyl wrap, it is vital to get your product from a 3M Preferred Graphics Installer who can guarantee premium quality.


Your choice of installation can also directly impact the lifespan of your vinyl car wrap. An experienced and certified 3M Preferred Graphics Installer offers a high-quality wrap job that proudly represents your business. A professionally installed wrap also boasts better aesthetics than a sloppy rush job done by amateurs.


The more prepared your car is for a vinyl wrap job, the better the chances of increasing the wrap lifespan. Before you take your vehicle for wrapping, it needs to go through an established preparation procedure. This process involves initial cleaning using a recommended cleaner and a non-scratch towel. The goal is to eliminate dirt, dust, grime, and grease. 

The next step involves a deep cleaning process performed by the wrap company. Essentially, as part of the preparation, the wrap professionals clean the vehicle using alcohol and other agents to remove harmful substances from the surface.


Wash your wrap frequently to eliminate grease, grime, and chemicals that could shorten its lifespan. When these substances stay on the wrap, they cause it to wear down quickly. Experts recommend you only hand wash your wrapped vehicle, as a car wash or power wash could potentially damage the wrap.

Where Can I Store My Vinyl-Wrapped Vehicle?

When not on the road, your wrapped vehicle should be stored in a protective place to prevent exposure to environmental agents, including sun and extreme temperatures. Ideally, store your vehicle inside a protective garage that keeps the sun’s damaging UV rays away from your car.

While vehicle wrapping has long been the preserve of larger commercial vehicles such as trains, trucks, and busses, wraps are now becoming the preferred method for private vehicle owners looking to give their rides a brand new look. Unfortunately, the rising popularity of vehicle wraps has led to an increase in amateur wrap installers. If you are considering a vinyl wrap project for your vehicle, choose a reputable wrap company like Night Owl Graphics to give you a high-quality product and service for a prolonged lifespan.

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